Talks & Presentations

This page contains links and short information on the talks that I have (co-)presented. If available, a link to slides and recording is also provided.

Attended a talk and looking for demo material or thought of a question? Don’t hesitate and ping me on Twitter or reach out via another channel.

Upcoming talks

Date Title Event Where Slides Recording
2019-03-29 A revisit to the Azure App Services Azure Day Poland Warsah, Poland    
2019-05017 The good, the bad and the unexpected, a BOT story Azure Saturday Munich, Germany    
2019-05-22 A revisit to the Azure App Services Techorama Antwerp, Belgium    

If you want me to deliver a talk at your user group or conference, feel free to reach out. I’ll be happy to provide you with session proposals.

Past talks (still need to amend the list)

Date Title Event Where Slides Recording
2019-01-31 BOT architectures SD Worx Enterprise Architecture trainings Antwerp, Belgium    
2019-01-25 A BOT story with Microsoft technologies Azure Low Lands Rotterdam, The Netherlands    
2019-01-21 BOT architectures with Microsoft technologies SD Worx awareness session Antwerp, Belgium    
2018-11-10 The good, the bad and the unexpected - a BOT story (A talk about the things we encountered and what we did to overcome them while creating succesful bots) CODECAMP Romania Bucharest - Romania    
2018-03-23 Bot framework with cognitive services and adaptive cards Azure Day Poland Warsaw - Poland    
2018-02-22 Build and manage your applications on Azure (repeat) Microsoft Tech Summit Frankfurt Frankfurt - Germany    
2018-02-21 Serverless on Azure Basta! spring 2018 Frankfurt- Germany   Recording
2018-01-19 Microsoft Bot Framework Iglooconf Helsinki - Finland   Recording
2017-11-18 Microsoft Bot Framework SharePoint Saturday Lisbon - Portugal    
2017-10-12 Visual Studio Code TechDays NL 2017 Amsterdam - Netherlands   Recording
2017-09-27 Azure Functions and the Serverless Architecture Basta! 2017 Mainz - Germany    
2017-02-23 Visual Studio Code Basta! spring 2017 Frankfurt- Germany    
2017-06-19 Introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework and QnA maker   Tobania Belgium    
2017-05-19 Visual Studio Code Tuga IT Lisbon - Portugal    
2017-05-19 Microsoft Bot Framework Tuga IT Lisbon - Portugal    
2017-04-26 Microsoft Bot Framework and chatbots Brussels Chatbot Meetup Microsoft MIC Brussels    
  I need some time to update the rest of the list        
2010-05-03 Being a pimp without Silverlight! VISUG Belgium - Brussels