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Delivered a presentation at DevDays Europe 2022

- 1 minute read

Today I had the opportunity to speak at Devdays Europe 2022. Normally it would’ve been in Vilnius, a city I only visited once before and liked a lot, but due...

Using SqlBulkCopy with .NET lists

- 3 minute read

Recently I was in a situation where I had to quickly inject loads of data into a SQL database. The basic setup of the application:

Registered for MVP summit 2022 edition

- less than 1 minute read

That time of year again… the MVP summit. Due to Covid-19 unfortunately again virtual but still great to look forward to. Seeing new technology being presente...

15 years as a Microsoft MVP

- less than 1 minute read

I got my blue ring which marks 15 years of being a Microsoft MVP. I’m quite proud of that particular achievement to be honest. I started out as an ASP.NET MV...