Moving my blog to Jekyll

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Since around 2006 I’ve been using dasBlog as my main engine to keep my posts up and running. Since then a lot has changed in the world and I noticed that it was running on its last legs. Over the years I also switched from providers and things went awry concerning configuration and I had to jump around to keep things working. Luckily Windows Live Writer helped out to overcome these things but still.

A good while ago I already went through the investigation of which replacement I should go for: Ghost, Wordpress, Orchard, Blogengine.NET or one of its follow ups. I heard good and bad things of all and still was hesitant to go for either one of them even though I know a good many people who’ve opted for one of these choices and are very happy with their choice. Jekyll and other static file generating site engines came on my radar and when I noticed my good friend Maarten Balliauw moved our azug and CloudBrew sites to Jekyll and his own blog I investigated a bit more. Well, as you can guess I ended up starting to use it myself as well in an attempt to renew my efforts in writing blog posts (I noticed due to all the difficulties I had with keeping things running I was less tempted to start writing in the first place).

So yes has moved mostly to Jekyll and after starting with it I’m going to try to convert my old blog to the new format and have a redirect mechanism in place so that all references stay in place. I’ve put over the years, starting in 2002, quite some links to images/blog posts on the ASP.NET forums site and don’t want people to stumble on 404 messages. So for now my old dasBlog engine will keep on running until I get all sorted out.

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