I changed my Twitter handle

- less than 1 minute read

For years I’ve been using @KvdM for most things, Twitter, Github, … Due to some 2 factor authentication problems and as Github wasn’t really providing the necessary means to nudge people that they might loose their backup keys in the past I lost my KvdM alias on Github. So I made a new one on https://github.com/krisvandermast.

Last year Twitter not only moved away from 140 characters to 280 characters in their microblogging social media space but apparently also didn’t let the characters used by handles count anymore. In the past when I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon I took @KvdM as it was short and easy to use and people could also put me in their messages. However I quickly found out that on the marketing exposure level it was lesser decision as most people didn’t search for initials but for full names. As such I decided already for a while that I might need to do something about it and voila, this morning I changed to @KrisvanderMast


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