Yesterday a teacher at Azure Low Lands, today a humble student at PowerBI days

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Yesterday I went talking about my experiences with chatbots I gained during the last years working at clients and in a second part of the talk how to create a simple chatbot with Microsoft Bot Builder version 4 technology. Topics I covered in that second part were things like suggested cards to make quick replies, how to make use of the Bot emulator (version 4), how to capture interactive sessions, state management, waterfallstep dialogs and to end it all Adaptive cards. The audience liked it and I got some great feedback, also from other seasoned speakers that were attending my session.

Today was something different though. Together with my wife Salma haidar I went to follow a full day workshop about how to get started with Power BI during a Belgian edition of the Power BI days. We both didn’t use Power BI before hence it was a great opportunity to get into contact with this interesting tool. We spent a great day together with other people who were also interested into getting started with it. The day was extra nice for me as I saw several MVP’s again whom I hadn’t seen in a while. Besides the good food, warm welcome and nice people we also got some stickers :heart_eyes::

Power BI days stickers

Some images of Azure Low Lands:

Me taking a panoramic view when the people were coming in

Kris van der Mast presenting about chatbots

Me presenting

Kris van der Mast presenting about bots


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