4 stages of production pain

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Recently I was in a discussion about (Azure) DevOps, bugs and their severity. Besides being an interesting discussion we came up with the following list:

LevelNameExampleWhen to take action
4ExtinctionYour company’s going bankrupt soon, Tsjernobyl meltdownTake action immediately and make it your highest priority, let all your people work on it
3PainThe bug is so severe that people can’t get work done and the company’s losing money due to thisPut an emergency team on it and get things solved as a high priority
2BlockingThere’s a bug in the software without a workaround and it’s hindering people to get their work done on that partLocate the bug and if possible/needed make a fix release in a fast cycle
1DiscomfortThere’s some kind of bug in the software but there’s a workaround so people can still workLog it as a bug and try to ship it in a next release


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