20 years of dotnet

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Happy birthday .NET - 20 years

Today marks the day of 20 years of .NET. 20 years… That’s almost the same life span of fresh graduates.

I remember the days that C# and .NET were announced and on July 1st later that year was introduced at the company where I worked back then. The Java people were making fun of the language that was the Microsoft Java lookalike rip off back then. Well 20 years forward in time and both languages still co exist next to one another. C# has gone through quite some upgrades of which I remember Linq to be one of the most compelling ones. It got to new devices, multi platform, reborn in some ways like a phoenix (.NET Core). It’s been quite a ride and I wish .NET many more decades to celebrate. In what form it will evolve I don’t know, but I do know it’s going to be an exciting ride along the way.

Read more about it at the Microsoft announcement post.

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