Delivered a presentation at DevDays Europe 2022

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Today I had the opportunity to speak at Devdays Europe 2022. Normally it would’ve been in Vilnius, a city I only visited once before and liked a lot, but due to global circumstances it became an online event. As always the organization approaches it in a very professional manner and all went smooth. I was assigned a very helpful moderator who passed the questions from the audience asked in a chat window. There were a lot of questions from the audience which was awesome. Normally one doesn’t see that in online sessions. There were more than 100 attendees during the session which was also more than I expected provided that my session was in parallel with 5 other tracks.

The presentation itself was about The things you don’t want to write: documentation. I made this presentation based on my 20+ years of experience in the field and what I notice(d) when entering new teams or starting up teams myself. The focus of the session is on what I usually see and how I introduced a newer/easier/… way of keeping documentation along the volatile life of a project in an agile world. Not only for developers but also how to integrate people from business as well (everyone knows parts and everyone can contribute). If you want me to provide the session at your conference as well you can reach out to me.

Also be sure to check out my page with other presentations I’m going to give or gave.

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