After a year of usage I still love my Surface Book

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A year ago I was at the MVP summit gathering with a bunch of international people which I can call friends and likeminded people. Not only a great trip to finally see each other again in real but also a place to exchange ideas, network, get to know new people.

During that stay I witnessed the launch of the Surface Book with Power Base I wanted to buy one. I went to the Microsoft store in Bellevue, close to the hotel where I was staying that week, and got one. Back in the room me and my roommate, a C++ MVP at that time, opened it and… found out they had given me the original model. Back to the store, talking to sales people and ultimately the store manager (all were very friendly btw), I got the new machine I was looking for (even though I had to take the 1Tb version as the 500Gb version was sold out).

Still after a year I can say I love this machine, the keyboard’s very nice and soft to type on, battery’s great, … I once was at some local days organized by Microsoft Belgium and the battery lasted the entire day while I was coding in Visual Studio. At around 4:30pm one battery was still at 3% and the other one at 5%. Ok that was pretty close but the entire day I didn’t have to charge it which was pretty cool, never had that before with a Macbook pro.

Being an engineer by education (electronics with a specialization in ICT) I also like videos that explain the process on how machines are being built. Microsoft Mechanics has a nice video about the Surface Book and you can watch it here: Youtube


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