CloudBrew 2017 was a blast

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On Saturday November 25th 2017 me and my buddies from azug organized our annual CloudBrew event at the Lamot venue in pictoresque Mechelen city.
The weather was cold but nice and there were only 6 people out the 130 who didn’t show so that’s a great attendee grade. During the event itself I basically didn’t attend sessions myself unfortunately as I was organizing and following up but talking with different attendees I got to hear very good feedback already. The catering was definitely a blast (cold meal, warm meal, desert at noon and yes there was beer, Carolus Triple).

For us it was also a special edition: our fifth already. The agenda this year was less only developer focussed but we tried to diversify and it showed. Quite some attendees had an IT Pro background or were mostly busy or working in infrastructure. Personally I find it a great evolution that we’re reaching these people as well as (Azure) cloud is so immense and spans so much that everyone can find something to their interest. We hope to see more off this kind of mixed audience at our regular azug events as well.

For the attendees we sent out a survey and first feedback was positive. We already noticed that at least one attendee wrote a blog post about his experience attending CloudBrew. We as orga for sure already made up a shortlist of what to do better or improve next year but hope to get enough constructive feedback from the audience as well.

I would like to point out as well that we’re looking for speakers for the Global Azure Bootcamp local installment in April 2018. I hope to see you there as well.

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