How to make Microsoft Edge go full screen on Windows 10

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Today I got a new laptop at my current client and unlike former PC’s it now comes with Windows 10 installed. Note that this is a large enterprise hence they’re usually reluctant to directly upgrade to the latest versions of software and especially an OS for compatibility reasons.

Well with Windows 10 comes the Edge browser which is pretty good. I used it today to go through some blog posts. One of them was nice but didn’t show nicely on the screen as it wasted a lot of screen estate. Well with IE11 or before I would simply hit the F11 key to make it go into full screen mode.

That turned out not to be the case with Edge however. F11 simply didn’t work out. So after using my favorite of the day search engine I found out it’s the following keyboard combination:

windows key + shift + enter

In case you were looking for it, now you know :smiley:.


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