I broke the barrier of 190000 recognition points on the ASP.NET forums

- less than 1 minute read

When I started my professional career in the magical .NET world on July 1st 2002, I joined the ASP.NET forums as a member. In the beginning lurking for information, asking questions. After a while I noticed I started to provide answers and I was amazed that they were helping people out solving their real world problems they faced. I kept on doing so and after a couple of years I was asked if I wanted to become a moderator and I did.

During those years I’ve helped out countless people in my spare time and solved quite a lot of interesting puzzles (and gained more knowledge about ASP.NET myself at the same time) and I became the top spot holder in the Hall of fame.

Today I went through the barrier of 190.000 recognition points thanks to all the contributions I’ve been doing during the past years. Now, up to the 200.000 mark.


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