Happy New Year, Happy 2022

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Another year has gone and what a year it has been. Covid-19 still ruled the major headlines, people got vaccinated (or not) and all around the globe people tried to find their way.

For me personally I kept on working and did that a lot actually. Book reviews, community (virtual) events, my first in real life talk again after the pandemic started at Visug XL. I reached level 16 in Ingress and did a recursion hence starting again from 0.

Besides that I also started after summer with a post graduate studies at KUL university: Big Data analytics and ai. Quite a ride and this year, I’ll have to make a desertation.

I also helped out my wife with her Phd studies concerning a lot of Python and PyTorch development. An entirely new world of what I normally do at my customer (.NET solution architecture as part of the data integration team).

I want to wish you dear reader a Happy New Year, lots of health, may your wishes come true and make it a better year than the last one. I’ll try to do the same myself. Take care!



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