Organized and spoke at Global AI bootcamp Belgian chapter

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Today I organized and spoke at the Belgian chapter of the Global AI bootcamp. The event was held at Spoor 18 offices in Mechelen. We had 4 interesting sessionss. The sessions were:

  1. How Proximus utilizes AI for improving the well-being in cities by Xavier Geerinck
  2. Machine Learning on auto-pilot: Automated Machine Learning” by Nico Jacobs
  3. Introduction to the Python programming language by Kris van der Mast
  4. Introduction to GPT by Sammy Deprez

The sessions were well received and we had an audience from all over Belgium. As Mechelen is a central location in Belgium, it was easy to reach for everyone. We had a good mix of people from the industry and students.

Pizza and drinks were provided by Arinti and azug.

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