Graduated Postgraduate Studies Big Data & Analytics in Business and Management

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Today was a great day. I graduated cum laude my postgraduate studies in Big Data & Analytics in Business and Management at KUL university. I’m really happy with the result. I got a 15/20 for my thesis.

I’d like to thank my professors for the interesting courses, SD Worx Belgium as I was allowed to make my thesis about a project I did for them, and my family for the support.

During the last year I’ve learned a lot about Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, … I’m sure I’ll be able to apply this knowledge in my day to day job.

The thesis itself was very interesting but also quite time consuming and I took several weeks of unpaid leave to be able to finish it. I’m glad I did it as I learned a lot from it. The topic was to predict employee churn. Data cleaning with Python and Pandas turned out to be the biggest part of the code. I used sci-kit learn to train several models and used the best performing one to predict employee churn. Matplotlib and Seaborn were used to visualize the data.

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