Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge

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In the past AI was a bit of a strange thing for most people and companies. But today AI is everywhere and it is here to stay. Nowadays most people have heard about Chat GPT or Google Bard or any of all the other cool AI stuff out there. More and more software engineers I know are actively using Github Copilot to help them write code.

So it is time to learn about AI. And Microsoft Learn is the place to be to learn about AI. And to make it even more interesting, Microsoft Learn has a new AI Skills Challenge. You can even win a Microsoft Certification exam voucher. So what are you waiting for? Go to Microsoft Learn and start learning about AI. And don’t forget to take the AI Skills Challenge.

The periode the challenge runs is July 17th till August 14th. There are 4 challenges you can take:

I’m going to participate as well. See you there and happy learning everyone!

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