MVP award regained

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Last year I didn’t get renewed as an MVP. I was disappointed but I understood the decision as many lost it that time due to the culling after the Covid-19 era where the year before every MVP didn’t loose her/his award and got automatically reawarded.

Well, this year I got the award back. I’m very happy with it and I’m looking forward to another year of MVP awesomeness. I even got a great looking badge on Credly now.

In April 2007 I became an MVP for the first time for ASP.NET which was a couple of years later put into a bigger pool of Developer Technologies containing not only .NET but also C++, Python, …. In 2016 I becamen an Azure MVP (actually in 2016 I had both the Developer Technologies and Azure MVP award). And it ended last year in July 2022.

As of now I’m an MVP Developer Technologies again. I’m still going strong organizing azug meetups, CloudBrew conference, Global AI Belgian chapter and more to come as well as speaking at conferences and user groups.

If you want to celebrate with me you might want to buy me a coffee or a beer.

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